The Supervisory Board holds the ultimate responsibility for the business strategy and the management of the INMAN Group

Supervisory Board defines the organizational and financial strategies and the administrative policies which are to be followed by the Group.

The main duties of the Supervisory Board are regulated by Italian legislation, by the prevision of DPR 605/73 for financial entities and by various European directives.

Gian Franco Colombo


1950, November 24
1969 Mechanical High School degree
1974 Graduate Engineer at Politecnico University in Milan
1974 – 1977 Engineer in Miksch GMBH Goppingen DE
1982 – 1985 President of consortium ENFAPI
Board Member of Mechanic Companies Committee and Executives Committee’ member in Confindustria Bergamo
Languages: Italian – German – English – French

Ferdinando Bettinelli

Vice Presidente

1953, April 8
1974 Science High school degree
1979 Accounting High school degree
Since 1990 Chairman of Bettinelli F.lli SpA
Languages: Italian – English

Vincenzo Bettinelli


1954, August 9
1974 Mechanical High School degree
1975 – 1977 Engineer in BETTINELLI F.LLI SPA
1977 – 1979 Sales Engineer in S.P.K. Cutting Tools
1979 – up now CEO in BETTINELLI F.LLI SPA
Languages: Italian – English – French – Spanish

Stefano Colombo


1975,  June 16
1993 AFS scholarship ; Close-up Foundation scholarship
1993 Gran Rapid High School Degree in Gran Rapid MN USA
1994 Science High School Degree IT
2000 Business Economics Degree at LIUC University in Castellanza VA
2000 – 2003 Ernst & Young
2003 – 2010 Vice Presidend Young Entrepreneurs’ Group in Confidustria Bergamo
2004 – up now MD of Colombo Filippetti SpA
Languages: Italian – English – French

The Supervisory Board is assisted by a Management Team with general responsibility for the Compliance & Control of the divisions and management of the group’s human resources.

Operationally, the INMAN Group business is managed by the Delegates of the Supervisory Board in charge of the overall management of the INMAN Group:

Andrea Ferri

Delegato alla Finanza

1951, Dicember 7
1970 Accounting High School Degree
1985 – 2008 Accounting Manager of Colombo Filippetti S.p.A.
2001 – 2009 Board Member of BCC Bank in Treviglio
2008 – 2011 CFO of Colombo Filippetti S.p.A.
Languages: Italian – French

Mauro Puppo

Delegato alle questioni societario legali

1965, February 24
1990, Business Economics Degree at Cattolica University in Milan
1992 – 1997, Adjunct Professor in Corporate Finance at Cattolica University in Milan
1998 – 2001, Adjunct Professor in master’s degree in economics of agri-food system at Cattolica University
1991 – 2013, Professional Accredited Chartered Accountant, specialization on tax and corporate law
1991 – 2013, Professional Accredited Auditor in industrial, commercial and services companies
2005-2013, Member of the board in commercial and financial companies
Languages: Italian – English – French

Elder Dolci

Delegato alle Risorse Umane

1960, April 22
1979 Science High school degree
1993 – 1996 Q M of Bettinelli F.lli SpA
1996 – 2011 G M of Cb Automation
2011 – 2013 CFO of Bettinelli F.lli SpA
Languages: Italian – French – English

Katia Marrocco

Delegato al controllo di Gestione

1974, June 5
1993 Accounting High School Degree
1998 Business Economics Degree at Bocconi University in Milan
1999 – 2000 Master in Management Control for SMEs, IFAF Finance’s School in Milan
2010 Corporate Finance Executive Education, SDA Bocconi in Milan
1998 – 2012 Controller of Colombo Filippetti S.p.A.
Languages: Italian – English – French – Spanish

Federica Bettinelli

Accounting Supervisor

1975, May 28
1996 – 2003 administrative employee AUTOOFFICINA BASSANI in Crema
2002 Business Economics Degree at Cattolica University in Cremona
2003 Master “SME Management ” at Cattolica University in Cremona
2006 Business Economics Degree at Cattolica University in Piacenza
2007 Practice’ license as “Chartered Accountant” and “Independent Auditor” at Parma University
2008 Enrolment on “Chartered Accountant” and “Independent Auditor” Registers
2002 up now Collaboration with STUDIO ASSOCIATO ALBERGHINA LONGONI chartered accountants office in Brembate BG
2011 up now Collaboration with BETTINELLI F.LLI SpA as administrative control officier
Languages: Italian – English

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