Our reputation is earned every day in all of our locations by all of our people.

"Our reputation is the result of honoring our commitments to our customers and upholding to the highest standards of financial and business integrity."


Corporate Responsibility

Act Responsibly

The INMAN Group companies has over 60-year tradition of acting sustainably in business, being guided by the legacy of their founders, Marcello Colombo and Costantino Bettinelli.

Their strong values and ethical beliefs, echoed in recent years by the United Nation Global Compact (UNGC) of the year 2000, are the cornerstones that drive the shareholders’ intentions that their companies should act as good corporate citizens and act responsibly in all the communities in which they operate.

The INMAN Group is committed to generating value for its stakeholders on social, environmental and economic factors. The economic success is the reward of continuous value creation for the customer whilst contributing to the positive development of society.

The upcoming decades are expected to be dominated by the growing challenge of increased scarcity of resources due to economic development and a robust growing population. More than ever, value creation that will consider issues of sustainability is likely to contribute to long-term business success.

Corporate responsibility helps our companies to look beyond short-term financial performance and consider the social and environmental risks as opportunities that will influence the markets in which they operate.
It is INMAN’s vision that corporate responsibility be fundamentally embedded throughout the organization in a transparent & principle-based manner.


Business conduct policies

People must have confidence in the accuracy and thoroughness of the INMAN group conduct. At the same time, we must secure INMAN’s assets, trademarks, intellectual property, electronic files and confidential information. We cannot allow our management of these assets to be influenced by personal, family or other outside party interests that may conflict.

a – Legal Business Practices
INMAN group must be recognized worldwide as an ethical and law-abiding company.

Although the different INMAN’s divisions have business operations in several countries, INMAN has only one book of business conduct policies that apply globally. These provide a framework for conducting business legally and ethically in all locations where INMAN group is present.

It is INMAN’s policy that employees and other personnel, acting on INMAN’s behalf, must comply with all local territorial laws and INMAN’s Values including its Ethics and Business Conduct Codes. Employees also are expected to assist company management by promptly directing suspected deviation & concerns to the attention of management. Supervisors and managers are expected to escalate suspected deviation that come to their attention by centrally reporting them in accordance with INMAN’s policy.

b – Ethical Business Practices
Ethical business conduct requires more than strict compliance with the law.

INMAN Business Conduct Policies cannot address every possible situation you may face in the course of business. In these cases, your actions should be guided by our fundamental values of uncompromising integrity and honesty.

These values also include honoring commitments, personal accountability, honesty, fairness, respect and concern for others.

c – Confidentiality Policy
Just as we expect others to respect our company’s confidential information, INMAN respects the confidential information of other parties.

It is INMAN policy to use only legal and ethical means to collect and use business and market information in order to better understand our markets, customers and competitors.

  • INMAN will not use another party’s confidential information without that party’s permission
  • Confidential non-disclosure agreements must be signed by a general manager, technical director or higher level executive. It is mandatory to acquire a formal written & signed confidential disclosure agreement before releasing confidential information to a party outside of INMAN

The provisions of the Business Conduct Policies, must be implemented in the written contracts of each company and / or division of the group.
A “Corporate Acting Responsibly report”, on an annual basis, regarding compliance and deviations to the INMAN’s Codes and Policies, will be provided by the Delegates to the Board. These reports together with additional information on the activities of corporate social responsibility are available to the public through the INMAN’s respective corporate websites.


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