INMAN's values are non-financial yardsticks for economic prosperity and have been inspired by INMAN's tradition,

by its commitment to the human dimension and to the economic and social well-being of all concerned

INMAN is committed to five core values, each of which can in turn, be subdivided into other value components. They define the benchmarks for practical implementation and application of the core values.


We stand for successful entrepreneurship in the law respect.

We stand for honesty towards each other.

We stand for optimal professional development of ourselves, our colleagues, and those we are responsible for.

We stand for continuity through creation of opportunities for future generations.

We stand for dedication, self-responsibility and self-discipline by all.

Values Code

We believe that success can be achieved according to the culture and values that INMAN Holding has adopted: teamwork, integrity, respect for others with whom you interact, innovation, excellence and creativity.


Teamwork is at the heart of the modus operandi of INMAN and works proactively and collaboratively between the various levels to achieve the best possible results. INMAN is deeply committed to the ideal that we can achieve better results by working together than could be achieved individually.

Constant attention to relationships
People conduct business with people they trust. INMAN is deeply committed to building and sustaining long-term partnerships both internally and externally, based on trust and transparency. INMAN is aware that it takes many years to build a solid partnership, and a few minutes to ruin it and works hard to understand and align the interests of all parties involved, and treat others as you would want to be treated, with fairness and respect.

Act with integrity in every activity. Our reputation, both as individuals and as a society, is of primary importance. INMAN and its subsidiaries act consistently with what they think, feel and express, in line with the Ethic Code that have chosen to follow. Honor their values and act on them, even when doing so might compromise a business opportunity. For INMAN it is important to be “fair” in any decision, especially when those decisions can have an impact on other human beings.

INMAN is constantly seeking innovative solutions, putting in question the commonly accepted concepts, and is open to the creation of new ideas and new approaches. INMAN works with passion to maintain a entrepreneurial spirit.

INMAN seeks to achieve excellence through learning and continuous improvement, in order to provide the highest possible value to its subsidiaries. INMAN has set high standards both individually and as a group and constantly tries to exceed them. INMAN is committed to diversity, recognizing that people with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives make the organization stronger and more effective.

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